Quest Mascara Zealotus

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Quest Mascara Zealotus

Mensagem  Arkangelos em Qui Jan 24, 2008 2:48 am

Creditos Aeon e roempire

Itens necessários:
369 Dark Crystal Fragment são dropados por Obsidian.
30 Worn-Out Magic Scroll são dropados por Elder.
1 Cat's Eye são dropados por Civil Servant/Mao Guai.
1 Forbbiden Red Candle são dropados por Injustice.

Você precisa estar com alguma destas armas no seu inventário, enquanto faz a quest:
- Muramasa
- Masamune
- Dragon Slayer
- Schweizersabel
- Zweihander
- Executioner
- Katzbalger
- Infiltrator
- Bloody Axe

Passo 1:
Encontre o NPC Zealotus (gl_prison1 137 138) para dar início a quest.

Diálogo com a Zealotus:
"Kneel, worm!
As ruler of this Underground Prison, I command all who step into my private realm!"

"Resist, and you shall be punished!
Grovel and kiss my feet, and perhaps you might be spared.

Escolha a opção: "Oh, your highness!"

Ela continua falando:

"The submissive woman is nothing but an ideal dream for the arrogant male!
A true woman revels in her power to have her man do her bidding!"

Escolha a opção: "Yes, it's so true!"

"However, in my lust for power, I may have inadventently crushed the spirits of my beloved a little too harshly.
His pride crumbled, my man even cowers in front of the humans! It pains me to see it."

"It is beneath me to ask this of you, but it will take a human like you to make him remember who he truly is, a proud creature of darkness who should fear only me!"

"Human. I offer you a small share of my power if you can take the pathetic, weeping lump of monster crying in the corner of this prison and make him realize his true nature."

Passo 2:
Vá falar com Phendark. (gl_prison1 97 104)

Diálogo com Phendark:

"Huh? Oh no!
Another h-human?!
P-please! S-stay away, don't come near me!"

"I... I swear!
I'm not carrying any rare items or stuff you can wear, so please don't beat me!
I... Oh my god, you don't believe me, don't you?"

"You humans never leave me alone!
Why do you have to bully me like this?!
I'm honestly not carrying anything of value!
Z-Zealotus, please!
Zealotus, heeeeeelp me~!"

"You're pathetic!
Aren't you supposed to be a monster?
You know what Zealotus would do if she were actually here?"

Probably whip me."

"You nonchalantly brandish your Whip."

"That's right."

*Crack crack crack!*
*Snap snap snap crack!*

"Oh! That stinging pain that burns with bloodlust!
It's almost as good as Zealtos's whip of love!"

She must be pissed at me, but I just can't stop being afraid of all you humans!
Damn it all!"

Passo 3:
Encontre o NPC Rybio ( gl_prison1 100 48 )

Diálogo com Rybio:

"You know, I usually just run up and slash like crazy once I see you humans, but my heart's not in it today, so I'm gonna give you just one chance to run for your life."

Escolha a opção: "Talk about Phendark."

"What th--? You know the same Phendark I know?
Dayam, that's weird.
But yeah, him and Zealotus have some kind of... I dunno what it is, actually. Um, love?"

"Anyway, Phendark has been acting really weird lately.
I guess Zealotus loved him to the point that she abused him to the point that he's scared of humans now."

"Huh. You know what'd help?
Dark Crystal Fragments.
It's worthless to humans, but if creatures of darkness eat it, it brings out more of their inner demon.
Scary, huh?"

"Since Phendark's pretty big, and he's acting like a total wuss, you you should probably get him to eat 369 Dark Crystal Fragments.
Don't worry, you should be able to find those all over Rune-Midgard."

"I dunno why a human like you would want to help one of us out, though.
What's in it for you, exactly?"

Passo 4:
Volte a falar com o NPC Phendark.
Diálogo com Phendark:

"Y-you again!
Why do you hound me?!
Th-there's nothing I can give you, so please don't hurt me!
Oh, oh p-please...!"

Escolha a opção: "Feed him Dark Crystal Fragment."
Continuando o diálogo:

"What...? You want me to eat these?
It doesn't seem natural, but if Rybio says I should it might not be that bad."


"What's supposed to happen now?
My inner demon is supposed to awaken by eating these?
That sounds ridiculous!
Though, I did just eat crystal."

"Wh-whoa. Ugh!
My chest! Something's burning inside! I c-can't--!
Can't think straight... I'm... Slowly... Losing my humanity!"

"Huh... Huuurg--!
Huk-huk! Heeeeh!
Heeeeeh! Waaoooooh!"


"*Pant pant*
What... just...
What happened?"

"My chest was on fire, like i was, i dunno burning with anger or something.
It's gone now, but what where those crystals?"

Passo 5:
Vá falar com Rybio.
Diálogo com Rybio:

"Feeding hum all those Dark Crystal Fragments didn't work?
But that was supposed to be foolproof!
Dayam, what the hell happened to Phendark's inner demon?!
Man oh man..."

"Well, i don't know what else you could try.
I mean maybe you could try motivating him.
Reverse psychology?
It's weird talking about this with a human.

Passo 6:
Volte a falar com Phendark.

"You again? Oh no, you're not going to hurt me or make me eat those weird crystals again, are you?"

Escolha a opção: "Rybio".
Escolha a opção: "hates".
Escolha a opção: "Rybio".
Escolha a opção: "Insult him".

"Rybio hates Rybio.
[seu nick]
First of all, what exactly sets you apart from all the other eligible monsters that she can choose from?
Not like you're much better..."


Escolha a opção: "Break his pride".

"I mean, there are guys like Bloody Murderer out there who are more evil than you, and best of all, not afraid of humans!"

Escolha a opção: "Go for the low blow".

"You know, me and Zealotus were actually talking about you recently.
She told me that the sight of you makes her feel sick!
I mean, what kind of monster is afraid of humans?"

"Now you've reached the point where even Injustice is manlier than you now if you know what I mean!





"I don't care who the hell she is, I'm going to see Zealotus and give that tramp a piece of my mind!
Grrrr! She'll be sorry!"

Passo 7:
Volte até a Zealotus.
Diálgo com Zealotus:

"Ooh, you're back.
Phendark is certainly back to his old self again, thanks to your efforts, human.
Yes, his anger, his courage and passion are all restored~"

"As I promised, I shall grant you a share of my power.
However, I will need some items to form this minor contract between you and me."

"I will need 01 Cat's Eye, 1 Forbidden Red Candle and 30 Worn-Out Magic Scrolls.
Then, I can grant you a measure of my power as I've promised."

Fale novamente com ela, e certifique-se de que está com os itens pedidos.

"I see that you have brought what I need to complete the contract between you and me, human.
Let's begin..."

"Zealotus takes the red candle you've given her and drips the wax into her open palm.
The Cat's Eye begins to glow with an eerie light."

"Now, place your index finger into my palm so that we may complete the final step of this contract..."

Escolha a opção: "Complete the contract."

"I, Zealotus, as ruler of this realm, seal this eternal contract with this Forbidden Red Candle."

"[seu nick] will forever have a share in my power.
Those that bow to me must also bow to nomedochar.
It shall be done."

"Human, take this mask with you as an rverlasting token of our contract.
So long as you carry this, I will be at your side.
So says Zealotus!"

Pronto, você acaba de fazer sua Zealotus Mask!


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